The Special Projects Affinity Group or (SPAG), the group is composed of members of existing work groups, and non work group members, who wish to contribute to the over all goals of OWS and the Occupy movement.

Projects that the group will deal with are projects that fall outside the frame work of a single work group, require quick action to implement and would be hampered by the normal process with in most work groups.

Projects that require tighter security, and can be put into place using small project teams.

None of the project will use OWS funding.

The affinity group will seek its own funding from outside sources, and adhere to the Principal of the GA and Principal of solidarity.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/owsspawg

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/owsspawg

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  1. Thank you for endorsing the Healthcare Justice March/Rally! We hope that you’ll spread the word about the event to your members and encourage them to attend and donate! We have a hefty fundraising goal and though we will cancel under no circumstances, the content and quality of the rally will depend on the amount of money we raise. I’m sure your members all know that feeling! Keep up your important work and we hope to see you in Washington on Aug. 1!

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